Advanced Fire Fighting Training Course

Advanced Fire Fighting Training Course

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Course Overview:
Advanced Fire Fighting course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively respond as a key member of the on-board command fire fighting team and manage shipboard fire prevention, coordinate tactical fire fighting and use and maintain fire fighting and fire detection equipment carried on merchant vessels.
Course Duration:                   4 days

Certificate Validity:               3 years

Topics Covered:
Introduction, safety and principles
Areas of fire hazard
Fire precautions
Dry distillation
Chemical reactions
Boiler uptake fires and exhaust fires in prime movers and auxiliary exhausts
Fires in water-tube boilers
Tactics and procedure of fire control while ship is at sea
Tactics and procedure of fire control while ship is in port
Tactics and procedure of fire control while ship is  carrying dangerous goods
Tactics and procedure of fire control for oil, chemical  and gas tankers
 Use of water for fire extinguishing, the effect on  stability, precautions and corrective procedures
Communication and   co-ordination during fire-fighting
 Ventilation control including smoke extractor
Control of fuel and electrical systems
 Fire precautions and hazards associated with the  storage and handling of materials (paints etc.)
Management and control of injured persons
 Procedures for co-ordination with shore-based fire fighters
Preparation of contingency plans
Composition and allocation of personnel to fire parties
Training of seafarers in fire-fighting
Fire control plans
Organization of fire and abandon ship drills
Strategies and tactics for control of fires various parts of the       ship
Fire alarms
Fire detection equipment
Fixed fire-extinguishing equipment
Fire main, hydrants, hoses and nozzles and pumps
Portable and mobile fire extinguishing equipment including  appliances
Firefighters outfits and other personal protective equipment
Rescue and life support equipment
Salvage equipment
Communication equipment
Requirements for statutory and classification surveys
Fire investigation and reporting
Trainees experience of fires on ships
Documented reports of fires on ships lessons learned

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