Overhead & Gantry Safety Training

Overhead & Gantry Safety Training

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The aim and objectives of Overhead and Gantry Crane Safety Course are to safely operate Overhead and Gantry Crane with the help of checklists, safety standards and hand signals.

Certificate Validity:                          1 year

Course Duration:                              1 Days (8 Hours)

Training Schedule:                           On-Demand

Topics Covered:

• Overhead and Gantry Crane operation
• How to avoid Swinging loads
• Periodic inspection Chart
• Periodic inspection Items
• Operational Safety
• Standard Hand Signals
• Facts: Fatalities
• Accidents
• Overview of Subpart N
• Cranes and Derricks
• Hazards in Crane Operation
• Causes of Crane Failure
• Powerlines - OSHA
• Powerlines - ANSI B30.5