Working at Height Safety Training Course

Working at Height Safety Training Course

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This Working at Height Safety Course training program will be beneficial for all employees who will be exposed to fall hazards in the work area. Candidates will be trained to recognize the hazards of falling from elevations and to avoid falls from walking/working surfaces. This training will help candidates about using fall protection, risk assessments and developing rescue plan prior to do the job.

Course Duration:                  1 Day (8 Hours)

Certificate Validity:              1 year

Training Schedule:               On-Demand

Topic Covered:

  • A description of fall hazards in the work area
  • Knowledge of types of environment where fall could occur
  • Fall Protection Plan
  • Measures to protect against falls
  • Fall Protection equipment and selection
  • Permit to Work and JSA for working at height
  • Dangers of Suspension trauma
  • Proper use and storage of fall protection and fall arrest equipment
  • Selection of correct size harness
  • Inspection of harness
  • Selection of proper lanyard for job
  • Inspection of lanyard
  • Donning the Safety Harness and connecting Lanyard
  • Properly identify correct improvised anchorage
  • Correctly hook-up, ascend, & descend a structure
  • Maintaining 100% tie-off while at heights