Electrical Safety Training Course

Electrical Safety Training Course

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The aim of Electrical Safety Course is to outline the principles, hazards and risks associated with the use of electricity in the workplace. Outline the control measures that should be taken when working with electrical systems or using electrical equipment in all workplace conditions.

Course is designed For:

Employee in the organization who have responsibility to involved in the daily electric task to make them aware about hazards and risks while working.

Course Validity:                               1 year

Course Duration:                             1 days (8 Hours/day)

Training Schedule:                           On-Demand

Topics Covered:

• Principles, Hazards and Risks of Electricity
• Principles of Electricity
• Hazards, Risks and Dangers of Electricity
• Portable Electrical Equipment
• Control Measures
• Protective Systems and Devices
• Control Measures: Construction Sites
• Safe Systems of Work
• Working on a Live System
• Group Exercise
• Inspection and Maintenance Strategies
• Emergency Action

Instructional Method:
• Lecture
• PowerPoint Presentation
• Audio Visual Video DVD
• Group Discussions
• Question and Answer Session
• Demonstration
• Hands on Practical Training on Simulator.

Equipment Used: