Permit to Work (PTW) Course Training

Permit to Work (PTW) Course Training

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The aim and objectives of PERMIT TO WORK (PTW) are to ensure that work are done safely and efficiently. It aims to ensure that proper consideration is given to the risks of a particular job or simultaneous activities at site. Whether it is manually or electronically generated, the permit is a detailed document which authorizes certain people to carry out specific work at a specific site at a certain time, and which sets out the main precautions needed to complete the job safely.

Certificate Validity:                          1 year

Course Duration:                              1 Days (8 Hours)

Training Schedule:                           On-Demand

Topics Covered:

• Permit to Work (PTW)
• Define Non-routine activities, Permit Holder
• PTW Systematic Approach
• Importance of PTW
• Jobs that require PTW
• Types of Work Permit
• Raising and Processing PTW
• Permit Review
• Client Representative Involvement
• PTW Authorization
• Energy Isolation
• General Precautions
• Monitoring Compliance with PTW Requirements
• Permit Cancellation
• How to Make PTW System effective
• Restoring Energy

Practical Training:
• Making 2 PowerPoint presentations on the training.
• Filling out different type of work permit.
• Delivering 25 Minutes Training Program to the audience based on PowerPoint presentations

Instructional Method:
• Lecture
• PowerPoint Presentation
• Group Discussions
• Question and Answer Session
• Demonstration
• Hands on Practical Training.