Scaffolding Tower Safety Training Course

Scaffolding Tower Safety Training Course

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Aligned with both the Health and Safety Act and the Work at Height Regulations, the Scaffolding Tower Safety Training Course instruct candidates on proper accident awareness and prevention when working with scaffold towers. Other topics include the inspection of scaffold tower components, overall safe use, and also the assembly, moving and dismantling of a tower.

One of the core overarching aims of our scaffold towers safety training courses (which are nationally recognized and accredited), is to ensure that staff and operatives are trained to a high level of competence in the assembly, dismantling, alteration, moving and inspecting of mobile access scaffold towers, while minimizing the risk of personal injury to either themselves or others.

    Course Duration:                 1 Day (8 Hours)

    Certificate Validity:              1 year

    Training Schedule:               On-Demand

    Topics Covered:    

    • Introduction
    • Legislation and Health & Safety
    • Accident Awareness & Prevention
    • Tower Components
    • Assembling procedures
    • Assembling a Tower
    • Moving a Tower
    • Dismantling a Tower
    • Safe Working Practices
    • Stability
    • Hazards
    • Theory test with pass / fail criteria
    • Inspection
    • Practical Session – erecting, moving, dismantling a Tower
    • Question and Answers
    • Close

    Practical Training:

    • Group discussion
    • Debate
    • Anchoring

    Instructional Method:

    • Lecture
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Group Discussions
    • Question and Answer Session
    • Demonstration
    • Hands on Practical Training.
    Equipment Used:


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